Your place or mine? qooler delivers.

Whether at the beach, at a cookout, a tailgate, camping, boating, qooler is the perfect solution for those hot days when you’re in need of an ice cold beverage. Stat. All you need for instant chilling is your qooler, an ice chest, a bag of ice and water.


Give your ice chest chills.

Unlike other beverage coolers on the market, the Blue Quench qooler can instantly chill multiple beverages in as little as 60 seconds. That means soda for the kids and beer for dad.


500 RPMs of pure awesome.

The Blue Quench qooler’s cool new spin on ice-cold refreshment chills cans, plastic bottles and even wine bottles with patented technology.

See how it works

Meet qooler. The world’s fastest way to chill beverages on the go.

The Blue Quench® qooler cools multiple beverages — up to 6 cans of soda or beer, 2 bottles of wine, 4 larger aluminum cans, or a combination of those — from room temperature to ice cold in as little as 60 seconds using patented RotoQuench Technology. It fits into most ice chests, and because it is battery operated, you can take qooler with you anywhere.

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4.

You'll be enjoying a nice cold one in no time at all.
Blue Quench

Add the qooler insert into your ice chest, galvanized tub or sink. Add ice. Pour in water.

Blue Quench

Add your choice of canned or bottled beverages.

Blue Quench

Set the timer and turn it on to spin the cans at 500 RPMs.

Blue Quench

Enjoy! Indicator light tells you when it's ice cold.

Quench your thirst for cold.

Check out our chill new video of the Blue Quench qooler in action.

Get up close and personal with qooler.

Delve into the features and see how the Blue Quench qooler changes the game – at home or away.

Blue Quench qooler Model 6R
  • Blue Quench

    Fits Into Most Ice Chests

    With its compact size and adjustable leg height, qooler can fit into ice chests that have an inside dimension of at least 19”x10”. No ice chest? A galvanized or plastic tub works well too, as does the kitchen sink.

  • Blue Quench

    Ice Cold Indicator

    No more guessing when your beverage is ice cold. qooler's LED light flashes blue and countdown timer indicate when the drinks have been quenched.

  • Blue Quench

    Long Lasting Battery

    qooler runs on a 20V rechargeable battery, which can cool 5-10 cases of canned beverages on a single charge (depending on quench time). Or plug it into an outlet for continuous use. 

  • Blue Quench

    Adjustable Cycle Timer

    Whether you need a little cooling or a lot, prefer glass bottles or cans, qooler can be easily set for different cycle times. The user interface is very intuitive and simple to navigate.

A technological revolution in refreshment. Literally.

Our proven, patented cooling technology raises the standard and elevates the expectations of beverage lovers everywhere.

Other Features

Blue Quench
Not a Fan of the Can?

No problem. qooler can easily hold 2 full size wine bottles, 2 beer or soda bottles, or even 4 taller aluminum cans instead. The included bottle stabilizer will ensure a smooth quench cycle.

Blue Quench
More Room for Food

With qooler, gone are the days where you have to choose between cold drinks, extra ice or food. Use qooler to instantly chill drinks and that extra space in your ice chest for whatever you want.

Blue Quench
No Foam Geysers

Not only does our patented RotoQuench Technology cool beverages without causing them to fizz when opened, the quenching process can actually stop would-be overflows from happening.