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Blue Quench qooler Model 6R

Blue Quench qooler Model 6R

Blue Quench qooler Model 6R


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Imagine your favorite beverages — soda, beer, wine, or whatever — Ice. Freaking. Cold. Every time. Anywhere. In as little as 60 seconds. With the Blue Quench® qooler, that's the new beverage standard.

Simply place the qooler inside an ice chest, galvanized or plastic tub, or sink. Add a bag of ice and water, as well as your favorite canned or bottled drinks, and hit the cooling or “quenching cycle” button. You’ll immediately see them begin to spin as they almost instantly go from warm to ice cold. Because it uses a 20V rechargeable battery, qooler is completely portable, perfect for cooling on the go. It also takes the guesswork out of knowing when your beverages are ready to drink, as indicator lights inside the device tell you when they have reached their drinking optimal temperature.

Because while life is full of compromises, enjoying a beverage at its optimal ice coldness, right here and now, shouldn’t be one of them.

Technical Specifications

  • Features

    Plastic, clear lid with magnetic closure / Legs can be adjusted to raise or lower unit / Bullet level indicator / Flip-up stabilizer bars to hold bottle necks / Adjustable, easy-to-use cycle timer / Internal LED lights alert you when beverages are ice cold / Integrated pump / Removable rollers for easy cleaning

  • Size

    Fits into any container with an inside dimension of at least 19”x10”

  • Power

    Uses a 20V removable, rechargeable battery / Can also be plugged into 120V wall outlet with optional wall adapter

  • Weight

    12 pounds